Go Uniq – gouniq.com

Website Development • Ecommerce
The Problem

We were approached with a unique business concept called Gouniq.com. What the client wanted was a digital solutiuon that connected individual stores into a global shopping marketplace, while maintaining each store’s brand, marketing strategy and unique look.

Each store needed to be linked to the same checkout allowing buyers to browse, subscribe and purchase from multiple stores in one location (and one transaction).

We were required to bring the concept to life, our objective: create a brand, design the collateral, design the website (UX design) and develop the website.

The Solution

The solution was far from simple. To transact multiple store purchases through 1 checkout required in-depth research of all the possible payment solutions available. Other research included: design interfaces, WYSIWIG, payment management tools and customer usability through focus groups.

The outcome: http://www.gouniq.com. It is changing the way store owners look at setting up a digital presence while at the same time giving customers unlimited potential choice. Since its launch they have grown to over 80 stores and growing daily.

Colour Palette

“Gouniq required a clean non-obtrusive colour palette that could work along side many brands without clashing”


Website Design

“The website although it looks simple there is plenty going on in the backend. Take a look at the demo video and you will see what we mean.”

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