International Social Service Australia

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The Problem

International Social Service Australia (ISSA) has been a client of Middle Men’s for a number of years. In that time they have gone through a major brand shift that continues to evolve.

ISSA required a new look for their annual report that had to clearly state figures, charts and imagery. They wanted a solution that would idenitfy their key figures and initiatives.

Our Solution

The ISSA Annual Report contained a lot of information that was quite text heavy. We needed to provide a solution that not only made the report look visually pleasing but also engaging to the reader.

We played around with various image treatments as well as typography to make sure information was displayed in an interesting way. No pages would look the same so that readers had no option but to scan the page each time the page was turned.

The colour selection was fresh, fun and bright. A great deal of time went in to sourcing high quality images also. We felt that imagery was key to keeping the document interesting which is why we spent extra time finding the perfect images.

Image Treatment
Colour Palette

“Annual Reports require fresh vibrant colours to keep readers engaged and happy to read on”

Annual Report

“The map needed to clearly convey an extensive amount of information about ISSA’s global networks. It had to be easily digested by the reader and visually striking to the eye”


“ISSA use various forms of print media to communicate their vast range of services to the public, ensuring this information is easily obtainable for everyone.”